Varieties – Haden, Tommy Atkins, Palmer, Maya, Kent and Keitts

Availability – All Year

Packaging – 4 KG case, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 sizing

Growing Areas – Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru

One of the finest of the tropical fruits, mangoes, also spelled mangos, varies from long and narrow to almost round. A gorgeous colorful fruit, the skin may be yellow or orange with a pretty red blush or be greenish yellow to a rich golden yellow. Varying in length from two to over ten inches, this fruit can weigh up to four-and-one-half pounds. Mangoes generally have a slight ridge on one side and a pronounced beak at one end. The large pit in the center has attached fibers that most often extend into the pulp. Highly aromatic, the flavor of the marvelous mango is sweet and absolutely delicious.